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Power Of The Blood
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Power Of The Blood ReviewThe extreme significance and substance of this book far exceeds the mere 92 pages of it's contents. I find it difficult in words alone to stress the importance of this book.
The essential message of the Gospel is provided here through the fundamental basis of Salvation being the shed Blood of Jesus Christ as a covering/atonement & propitiation for the sin of mankind.
Jesus Christ is clearly revealed in this book as the Saviour, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world through the shedding of His precious Blood. The absolute magnitude and priceless nature of Jesus' Blood pertaining to Salvation is presented through an abundance of Scriptural references and examples from both the Old & New Testament, which are discussed in some depth.
The writer, through a meticulous presentation, shows the emphasis and necessity of the provision of blood serving as an atonement for sin in Old Testament times ("It is the blood that makes an atonement for the soul" - Leviticus 17;12) and also in the New Testament ("Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins." - Hebrews 9;22).
The writer describes how Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified at the time of the Feast of Passover, the very time that the Jewish people kept to remember the historic occasion of their Exodus from slavery when God declared "When I see the blood I will pass over you" (Exodus 12;33).
At the very time that the Jewish people were celebrating the first Exodus, the writer shows that Jesus was making atonement for the 'second Exodus', to all who would believe in his sacrifice and the efficacy of the shedding of His precious Blood on the cross as an Exodus from sin and the penalty of sin.
The book does a far better job of describing this than I can in a short review. The book also proceeds to describe God's provision for health, protection , coping with life's difficulties & even Spiritual warfare through this very subject. This really is an excellent read which I cannot recommend highly enough.Power Of The Blood Overview

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