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Discerning of Spirits
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Discerning of Spirits ReviewFrancis Frangipane has a burden for America and her cities. Like David Wilkerson, Rich Wilkerson, and Kenneth Hagin, he has picked up the mantle of prophet and interceeds with God for souls, cities, and nations.
Frangipane has emerged as the spiritual drill sergeant of the spiritual warriors of our time.
"Discerning of Spirits" is a simple, short summary of key principles regarding the oft-misunderstood gift of discernment. In "The Three Battlegrounds", I think, Frangipane writes that "discernment without love is merely critical judgement." And he picks up that theme here. Like the other gifts of the Spirit, discernment operates in love. Anything less is hypocrisy and nothing more than a critical judging spirit.
In the end, our pursuit is being conformed to the image of Christ: "Christ-likeness is the goal, not warfare." Frangipane gets it right and this booklet is a helpful reminder of the important guideposts along the journey.
His signature theme on the topic of spiritual warfare is: "Victory begins with the name of Jesus on our lips. It is consummated by the nature of Jesus in our hearts."
Note: This is a 26 page booklet - useful for Bible studies - not a major text on the topic.Discerning of Spirits Overview

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