Moments With You: Daily Connections for Couples Review

Moments With You: Daily Connections for Couples
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Moments With You: Daily Connections for Couples ReviewI purchased this devotional, "Moments With You: Daily Connections For Couples", for two reasons. (1) This devotional is written for couples by a successful married couple, Dennis and Barbara Rainey. (2) My wife and I enjoyed one of their previous 365-day devotionals called "Moments Together for Couples".
After the first 27 days of this year I do have to say my wife and I are enjoying another great devotional by this couple.
The format is great, a page of each day of the year.
The devotional starts off with one scripture verse and then goes right into the body of the devotional, or story.
Following is the section labeled "Discuss" with thought provoking questions pertaining to the story just read. This is meant to start a meaningful conversation between you and your spouse hopefully bonding you two together both emotionally and spiritually. It allows one another to see how each other thinks and gives an opportunity to hear the things on each other's heart.
The devotional ends with "Pray". A thought provoking prayer statement that couples can use and pray together in their prayer life together.
The only reason I give this book 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact there is no scripture reading. Yes, there is a key verse that begins each devotion but there should have been a scripture reading of God's Word. That's just my opinion.
I still reccommend this book to every couple out there. If you are ready to face some truth in your daily lives as a married couple, read this book. This devotional will bring you and your spouse together in many different ways. The lessons in this devotional will keep you two talking about issues you would just otherwise gloss over or sweep under the rug. This book will challenges you to keep growing closer to God and each other.

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