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Church for the Unchurched
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Church for the Unchurched ReviewWith so many thoughts on church growth and health, Hunter's book provides an excellent summary of the common practices of nine churches that exemplify the Biblical model of health and growth. Hunter's analysis is grounded in the Great Commission and the characteristics of the Apostolic church of early Christianity. I found this book highly engaging and inspiring, as well as informative. As a church planter, I believe that this book is the best treatment of church growth and health from a Biblical perspective. The chapter on cultural relavence is especially good, and should be required reading for every church leader today! Thanks to the author for this great book.Church for the Unchurched Overview

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Dr. Jeff Scott said...

AMERICAN GOTHIC CHURCH: Changing the Way People See the Church, a new book by Jeffery Warren Scott suggests that the unchurched are not likely to be reached unless believers change the mental image of Christians embedded in the minds of the unchurched. Churches which are encouraging, joyful, and compassionate are more likely to reach and retain the unchurched.

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