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Lay Counseling
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Lay Counseling ReviewA reader who comes to this book with a desire to help others grow in their ability to help others (and open mind, obviously) will benefit from this work of Dr. Tan. It is practical in the material covered; this includes the gamut from paraprofessional counselor selection to training and supervision - even the easily neglected area of evaluation. He also provides useful resources (sample questionnaires) and other organizations which one might contact for further assistance. Tan's survey of the writings in this field is not comprehensive and is weaker in the area of research support. However, when this was written there was less work done than there is now, and I understand research not only supports what he has written, but that he plans to ipdate his book and include this material in a new edition. The reader below is clearly trying to play an immature joke on someone or is simply prejudiced and antagonistic to people having differing beliefs than his or her own.Lay Counseling Overview

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